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DOORtoDOOR Realty is a real estate development company founded by CEO George Christo. For more than a decade, Christo has been providing consistent returns to investors, even thriving during the worst real estate market in recent history. At DOORtoDOOR, our goal is to help build and grow communities of quality, stylish, environmentally sound homes. But our commitment doesn’t end there. We also build communities of investors who want a simple, straightforward way to capitalize on the upside potential in the real estate market. Together, we aren’t just building profits and income streams. We’re building a legacy that will impact generations. Our Projects We focus on large, high-end residential projects in several states with design concepts created by Sabrina Hamilton. Hamilton specializes in clean lines, environmentally friendly designs, warm colors and practical layouts, giving each project a true sense of comfort and distinction. She understands that today’s renters don’t just want dwellings; they want a home that reflects their personality, passion and style. Her vision strongly impacts the building industry across the North Shore of Staten Island.
Investing with DOORtoDOOR Our investor opportunities are simple, transparent and centered around collateralized investments with competitive, guaranteed returns. Each DOORtoDOOR project is a collaboration during which we match properties to the needs of institutional and individual investors. We focus on building rental properties that create income no matter what the real estate market looks like. But more than that, we focus on designing buildings that reflect who our tenants are and who they want to be, giving them something other property developers don’t. Because we build only in stable growing areas, one project spawns others. This allows us to have a range of properties available in locations ripe for ongoing development. The basis of our collateralized loans and guaranteed returns is simple: You lend us money to build. We build. Then we return your principal with interest within a short timeframe, ensuring you aren’t exposed to interest-rate risk.

Yesterday’s Investment Model

Investors today crave simplicity. They want safe, transparent, easily understood investment opportunities that help them diversify their holdings and take advantage of upside potential in the complex real estate sector. Yesterday’s investment model was clunky and effective only for the select few who knew the real estate market inside and out or enjoyed the expense and effort of being a landlord. REITs were another alternative, but without dealing directly with the developer they simply aren’t a safe bet.
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Typical Crowdfunding Investments

Crowdfunding is a new way to invest in real estate in the digital age, but it carries a lot more risk than many investors are prepared to face. The investment opportunities listed on crowdfunding platforms are from a whole host of unproven property management companies and developers. There is never a guarantee of returns, and fees from the crowdfunding platform reduce your working capital. Working with untested, inexperienced developers means that you could be investing in properties that have no chance of creating a return—much less getting your principal back.
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Invest Direct With DOORtoDOOR Realty

DOORtoDOOR is revolutionizing real estate investing by making it easy and transparent. Simply find a project you believe in and put your money directly to work with no fees, conditions or contingencies. Start getting returns of 10 percent or more on your collateralized investment within a short time frame. You can even invest through your IRA.
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